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Community for fans of Alicia and Rufus

Welcome to aliciaxrufus! This is a community for the characters Rufus and Alicia from Playstation 2 RPG, Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria. Here, we will post media and discussions related to the characters and their relationship. Feel free to join, the more fans, the better! Show your love for the half-elf vessel of the gods, and the valkyrie-hosting princess of Dipan!

Please refrain from...
-- starting ugly arguments in our discussions.
-- redistributing fanart without permission.
-- hating on any VP characters or pairings.
-- posting entries that are WAY off-topic.

Please do...
-- have fun posting screenshots, art, fiction, videos, other media, ideas, discussions, prompts, etc. as often as you like!
-- mark entries with adult content as FRIENDS ONLY.
-- give warnings as to the contents of adult entries.
-- give warnings before posting spoilers.
Good Luck!
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