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26 November 2012 @ 07:34 pm
Book SIx Doujin Summary  
Ah...what a wait for this book. Over a year, and it was quite a cliff hanger after a nearly all Lezard Lenneth story for book five. The doujinka kept advertising it, first for a winter comiket, that came and went, then a summer comiket, that also came and went, and she/he kept having to drop out for not having the book finished! Then she advertised for a Super Comic City for October 7th 2012....would it really happen? Yes it did!

But the wait didn't end there. Because of Hurricane Sandy my book arrived in New York City about one day right before the hurricane hit that city...so it was kinda lost in all that chaos. Just as me and my proxy were investigating with the post office, it finally surfaced and arrived to me. Yeah!


Unknown Title Book Six

I was very nervous going into the book. I didn't think she really had Lenneth kill Lezard, but a part of me knew there was always the possibility. But another part of me stubbornly clung to the idea that it was the front of his clothes that would be the only thing to suffer damage from a distraught Lenneth's blind lashing out....and the back cover shows Lezard with his shirt, cravat torn so it seems to lend itself to that theory. But there's also some pinkish red on his clothes...could that be blood? :O Was I about to be heart broken after being so thrilled by book five?

Well I didn't get an answer right away....first page is a sweeping view of what looking like the weeping lilies meadow...you know the place...the site where Platina succumb to the poison pollen of the flowers in the first game. And underneath that view is the I guess the title of the book and in english chapter six.

It opens on Alicia, who was sorely neglected in book five...but considering how she and Rufus dominate this series, I wasn't complaining. Oh no! XD But it's interesting, it's two Alicia's, but they are standing some distance apart, and they are not facing each other. One Alicia is startled, the other is teary angry...one smiles gently, sympathetically,,,,the other has her arms open in supplication before turning to notice the other Alicia....and then she smiles at her....

Bearing in mind I read NO Japanese, I think the one Alicia is a physical manifestation/representation of Alicia's past life memories. She seems to be talking, telling Alicia of her past life, and self. We see all kinds of flash backs from the game. Silmeria, Barbrossa and Dallas, Rufus, Alicia and Rufus walking holding hands, Alicia pulling back from Rufus, Rufus crying out for her, his ring clattering to the ground (After the Valkryie disappeared?).

Meanwhile Rufus is facing off against the enemy guy. I don't recall if I ever mentioned this, but someone contacted me and said the guy I kept thinking was Dallas, isnt him. It's just someone who sorta looks like him. So I guess this baddie is an OC of the doujinka.

Alicia is there, but she's not really there mentally. Rufus is between her and the enemy guy, and suddenly tears just start pouring down Alicia's face. She focused on Rufus, who is kinda bloody from the other guy's attack. She's crying harder, remembering the time she materialized him, and a memory I don't recognize where she's raising her hand, reaching for the sunlight that can be seen through a gap in the foliage of a forest.

Her hand lifts now in the present, and she jerks it to her chest in realization of what she;s doing. Rufus has no idea what's occurring behind him, till baddie makes some taunting comment. Rufus does a side glance at Alicia, and she's bending to pick up her sword without looking at either guy. She's making a speech while she does it, which whatever she says really shocks Rufus!

By the time she draws her blade, baddie is totally psychotic looking, baring his fangs and claws. Probably taunting or making threats, when Alicia lunges for him! She almost slashes his throat. I mean he just barely gets his own arm blade up in time, and boy does that close call REALLY pisse him off! But Alicia totally kicks his ass, doing her soul crush in the process, complete with jumping in the sky with glowing wings and throwing a divine spear at him. Some of those expressions the baddie made were pricelessly hilarious!

They both land, and shockingly the baddie is still alive....but he is pretty scared of Alicia. He's cowering, and Alicia's saying stuff, then address Rufus. I sorta wonder if she's urging Rufus to do his soul crush to finish the vamp off himself. 0_o
Whatever the case, chapter six ends, and we get to interlude 3. But first a page of text, with a sketch of child Lezard. Aw, adorable.

Unfortunately....I don't get my answer to the Lezard get killed or just clothing slashed by Lenneth question! T_T It's all about them as children really. *pouts*

The interlude starts with child Lezard sitting by a window, while grown ups whisper in an effort to not be overheard by him. Next page is a lot of text, people gossiping, and now the adults are just shadowy figures with leering grins, and cruel smiles....like taking malicious pleasure over his misfortune or something. 0_o

I kinda wonder if this is taking place in Crell Mongereigane (Did Flenceburg even exist in this time period?) cause of the buildings seen on the next page. Little Lezard is spending all his time in the library, a huge place with a seemingly endless amount of books.....The gossip continues and he just tunes it out...but every once in a while he has some kind of sliver of memory....like the stone...(Philosopher's stone...) or a flash of Valkyrie Lenneth. Or even him staring at Lenneth imprisoned in the crystal when he captured her as a God.

He's jolted out of one such memory by a woman. A girl maybe 18-20? Very pretty, looks like she's an original character to me. She chats with him quite a bit, friendly, and surprising him, and he in turn surprises her, and even annoys her at one point.

Fast forward to another night, he's reading again, staring at the full moon. Flashes on a brief moment of seeing Lenneth's gaze land on him. Then next thing you know, that woman from before is slumped over him, her back torn open. She's barely alive, she jumped in front of him to protect him from a monster. In fact there's a bunch of monsters around....another man (guard?) dead...I think this is another night..

Anyway, after the woman dies in his arms, little Lezard stands up. There's quite a few monsters there, even a dragon and they all surround and charge him at once. He doesn't get scared, he's almost detached, yet strangely determined, and magic, powerful, starts swirling around his arms.

By the time other humans arrive, the monsters are all dead, and little Lezard is the only survivor. and he's not even frightened or traumatized. The people think it weird his reaction. And it turns out the woman hadn't died, just passed out.....one of the guys who arrived, I think is her boyfriend...and that triggers another memory..the moment when Lorenta's husband who Lezard had transformed into a monster, killed her...

Now...not sure how ....but somehow he gets his parents to move to Coriander...he's still kinda an outcast there, alone ,isolated, always reading books. We see him encountering Rufus which fit into my theory that that one God Rufus, child Alicia, child Lezard, Child Lenneth doujin was an unofficial prologue to this series!!

And then of course him meeting child Lenneth when she moved to Coriander. Him smiling his first true smile in forever....but when he goes to shake her hand, he freezes up cause in his mind he sees his other self, God Lezard looking insane, laughing, wildly pleased by this development.

We get treated to some Lezard Lenneth moments. Like she's a bit of a tom boy, in she carries a big stick and actually kinda..playfully try to spar with him and ends up hurting him instead. XD

But she's apologetic and offers him her hand...and takes him to view the weeping lilies meadow.....which sorta made me wonder....was it he moved to Coriander for the first time, and she was already living there? And I always had misunderstood that other doujin and thought he had been there first, and she moved in after he lived there a while...*ponder*

Anyway! Lezard and Lenneth talk quite a bit, and suddenly I think Lenneth decides to make him a promise....a promise to make a man out of him! Meaning.....more dueling practice. Which translates to an extremely beat up and exhausted Lezard. Ha ha! That's the last we see of them as kids...the next is panels of Lenneth as a grown woman...smiling, knitting, looking kinda displeased with Lezard...and a really happy one of her....

The last panel on that page is Lezard in his mansion, staring out the window at her, while the full moon is in the sky. The final page of the book is a close up of him, but he's not saying anything.

I'm frustrated, but the doujinka is advertising that the next book will be out for winter comiket on December 31st.....So hopefully...But I am trying not to get my hopes up after how she infamously kept dropping out of the other two comikets....

I really hope we do get answers to whether or not Lezard got lethally slashed. And someday I want to try and write my own version of what I think is going on in these books! XD But first I want to finish writing OSVP....

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