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14 September 2011 @ 01:12 pm
Doujinshi Summary Time  
Well, I got the fifth book in the series today...and I'm damn near hyperventilating, cause it's pretty much all Lezard Lenneth! Whoot! I'm only crossposting it to the RuAli community for completeness sake since the previous four books were featuring Rufus and Alicia as well. And to my pleasure, the fifth book didn't end the story...it says to be continued in a sixth book. Awesome! :D

Front cover pictured only. But the back cover continues the image, Lezard eagerly reaching for Valkyrie Lenneth whose sword is being thrust into his face. There's also reincarnated Lenneth with her eyes closed, holding onto her sheathed sword.

When I opened the book, there was some extra goodies inside. A brown paper drawing of Rufus getting all frisky with Alicia, and blue paper fold out which looked to be some kind of ordering form. The first page is the cover and back cover image where only the fighting Lezard and Lenneth are seen. The story opens up with some kind of flashback, Lezard in the first game's outfit, seeing Lenneth and two einherjar fighting some kind of bird monster. Now of course I know NO Japanese, but I can't help but wonder if this is to imply his first time seeing Lenneth. The next page continues the flashback, Lezard in bed with...well I believe it's only a homunculus of her. Me and my friend were debating on it...cause at first I thought it was a naked, chained up Lenneth...but then I noticed the dagger sticking out of her collar bone....^^:: My friend thinks it's a homunculus, and he only chained it up to add to the illusion he's sexing up the real Lenneth. XD

There's even a panel of Lezard greeting Lenneth, in his lab with homunculi of her in tubes. Then the next page is a flashback to VP: Silmeria, God Lezard greeting Lenneth, then attacking with Gungnir. The next pages we abruptly change to....DUN DUN! Mystina, Llwelyn, and Lawfer! I have no idea what they are talking about for these three pages....

Then we get to the present...Lezard standing there with Lenneth pointing her sword at him. They talk, Lenneth looks angry and upset. Lezard looks a bit...menacingly insane in a few too. Suddenly we get shots of Mystina and company, hiding in the trees, watching the stand down between Lezard and Lenneth. For some reason Llewelyn gets upset, and almost gives them away but Mystina and Lawfer beat him up to be quiet. XD

Lezard and Lenneth continue, and I can't help but think he is telling her about their past lives...Lenneth is shocked by what he is saying, and Lezard is the one to look upset as he continues to talk. He suddenly grabs Lenneth's sword by the blade, uncaring that it slices into his hand. Pushing it aside, he takes her into his arms, hugging her desperately. Lezard looks almost ready to cry...and he's still talking, shocking Lenneth with whatever he is saying. We even get a panel of the combined Valkyries in Alicia's body...and then flashbacks of Lezard and Lenneth as little kids in Coriander. (Which only makes me sure this series is connected to that other doujinshi I got by this circle, with Lezard, Alicia, and Lenneth all growing up together.) And even a flashback of Lezard studying, and Lenneth bringing him coffee or tea, to insist he take a break.

Lenneth has gone limp in his arms. Limp until Lezard recovers from his upset, and starts full on molesting her. Grabs her butt, bites and licks her neck, starts trying to get her clothing off..Then I don't get what happens, cause he just stops and lets her fix her clothing. He looks rather sad then. And she's shocked again. More talking...Lenneth looks like she's blushing...then Lezard gets all evil looking again,.then sad just before she slashes him with her sword. it ends on this cliffhanger, Lezard falling over, his shirt and cravat torn..Lenneth appears to be crying in the last panel.

Then there's an author's note....with a sketch of Alicia who is upset. I bet she's going why am I not in this book?! XD

Damn...the more I get of this series, the more I would like to at least get the Lezard Lenneth parts translated! *pulls out empty pockets.* maybe someday...

Edited to Add The more I think about it...the more I wonder. Lezard might be suffering from....not a split personality perse. It's like maybe his reincarnated self is trying to be taken over, or mood swinging into his insane past life....Lenneth might have mood swing back and forth from reincarnated self to Valkyrie Goddess of her past life, and that's why she cried after slicing him with the sword...*thoughtful*
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