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28 January 2011 @ 08:48 pm
Doujin Summary TIme Book Four (worksafe)  
So....today my doujinshi arrived! Time for my thoughts and comments on what I think is going on! But first I have to point out, despite the hot back cover, there is nothing like this in the book towards Lezard Lenneth. Which is not surprising to me, since it would have been an extreme departure from the previous books in terms of the storyline. (Though I could make a case that Lezard kidnaps her and thus that scene happens then. XD)

Also...a bit disappointing was the fact that the Lezard Lenneth bits were already covered in the copybon book I have. So there wasn't anything new regarding them! -_-
Onwards! Cross posted here and there...

I love the cover and back cover....so pretty....oh this is the fourth book...and at the end of it it said to be continued, last book. So hopefully there will be a real resolution to the story. *was worried that the doujn author would discover some new fandom and abandon this series before she got to the end of the story.*

So the first page is a picture of Yggsdrasil, the crystal part where the big Odin smack down occurred. Some writing is underneath. Then we get into the story. First we see Rufus as a child chained up. We also get to see when his is older, and the Gods (Or maybe elves) force the ring on him. And then to the time when he escaped and is in a human town, and seems happy for once. And then of course meeting Alicia...losing Alicia (Valkyrie fading away.) I'm thinking this represents his whole life flashing him by...

Whatever the case, we see the black haired woman that is one of Lenneth's sisters. The reincarnated Hrist fighting the monsters that have attacked the town. On a rooftop, guarding her back is the one who looks a lot like Silmeria, utilizing bow and arrow. Everyone that can in the village is fighting the monsters that overrun it. For some reason Silmeria looks up at the sky...she might have noticed Ull...but he is really too far away I think for her to see him properly. I kinda wonder if the people fighting in Coriander aren't the einherjar he had with him at the end of the last book, cause now Ull stands in the sky alone.

While that's going on, the very wounded Rufus has fallen into a shocked Alicia's arms. She's starting to tear up. The next page goes back to Ull, remembering how he went to Asgard to tell Freya of what's happening. I don't know if it was about Rufus, or about the village being attacked. Ull seemed pretty worked up too.

Back to Alicia and Rufus..the bad guy (Who I was told is not Dallas, and not the same guy who talked to Alicia in book 3.), his arm likes stretches out unnaturally long, and his hand grabs Alicia around the throat. Choking her, he lifts her up away from the injured Rufus. Holding her up like that, they proceed to talk/argue/taunt for two pages. And then we see Ull again who is monitoring the situation. What looks like another male God (judging by his clothes) approaches Ull, maybe to give a status report. He then leaves, and Ull looks pretty upset about the situation with Rufus and Alicia, but might feel helpless to stop it.

Then we get to the Lezard Lenneth part of the story. An Interlude 2. I'll be brief since I already covered this in the copybon. Lenneth's got her sword, has left the village. Lezard is following her. They run into monsters which Lenneth is prepared to fight, but she is trembling. Lezard uses his magic to wipe out all the monsters which seems to upset Lenneth. I have no idea what he starts to talk about after the act (Maybe power tripping a bit.) but it upsets her to the point she threatens him with her sword. But he seemed pleased by her anger and threats...

The interlude over with, we get back to Rufus and Alicia. Rufus is still out of it, bleeding to death. Alicia's still being choked. Bad guy is still gloating and crazy like. Rufus is still flashing back on memories, of the ring, of Odin attacking, of Alicia fading as Valkyrie, and finally Alicia smiling as she wears the ring. I think the last one is what gives Rufus the strength to move.

The bad guy pulls Alicia really close, still choking her. Whispering in her ear when it happens. Some powerful force severed his arm, Alicia dropping to the ground. It's Rufus, shaking but having the strength to use his bow and arrows! Rufus and our villain talk, and Alicia wants to run to Rufus when she sees how he's still bleeding. Rufus has her stand behind him so he can protest her. Villain regenerates his arm into a blade. It's about to go down!

They fight for two pages, and Rufus gets a blow in on the baddies' face! Yay! Alicia's watching and trying not to cry....seems it's her turn to flash back on something. The panels show the scene when she materializes him on Yggsdrasill. She hunches over trying not to cry. Rufus and the villain are still facing off, doing more talking. Alicia backs up a step, and her foot hits her discarded sword. It's like two pages focused on her staring at the sword...

The final page shows the top of Yggsdrasil, and it looks like that crystal thing they use to become Gods has reformed....Hmmm...
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teksunai on June 15th, 2011 01:40 pm (UTC)
OMG! The art work looks beautiful!

And yay for memories helping you stand up? xPPPPP My mind is kind of going,"OMG! Where's a potion or healing magic when you need it?!" Like, stock up on 99 of every healing item really helps.

I will have to look at your other postings for this story. It sounds like a lot of fun. :D (And yay! I am happy to see this community is still alive! ^0^).
LotornoMiko: Kissing Closecleoius on June 15th, 2011 05:02 pm (UTC)
The artwork is so pretty. When/if the final book in this series comes out, you can bet I will try hard to obtain a copy and summarize what I can gather from looking at the pictures. (Really wish I could read Japanese! XD)
teksunai on June 16th, 2011 11:37 pm (UTC)
Yay for pictures! XDDDDD Hey, maybe you could learn a few kanji just by looking at it! =DDDD "Hmmm... so this swiggly thing is used everytime Arngrim is pished so maybe... it's a swear!" XPPPPP Do you know some of the basics? Although my memory is flaccid of Japanese, I did take a class in it. It will be virtually useless in reading manga (unless it has katakana and hirogana written above or below the kanji), but it may be interesting! =D

By the way, do you know where I could join or post entries? ^^;;; Unfortunately livejournal is not my strong suit, since I am mostly on here to check out this little treasure (the fanclub). It's wonderful that there are still living members man! Panic would have washed over me otherwise, or a trickling of despair. XP

(Also, do you know if the link with specific fanfictions have "Existence" and "Twelve" added to it yet? There is this awesome dude or duddette who wrote these to amazing recent one shots and he or she could use some lovin' xPPP). NOTE TO SELF: One day review to all Rufus and Alicia fics... if possible.... xox

PS Thank you for giving us these summaries. X3 They're nice!
LotornoMikocleoius on June 17th, 2011 06:44 am (UTC)
You're welcome! Glad to know someone liked the summaries! :D As for joinging, do you mean other communities, or do you mean how to join this one? There should be a join button on the page...I have to look up the exact link. I don't know any other Rufus Alicia communities on LJ though I know of the Lezard Lenneth one...and like two VP in general ones. I am like the official Lezard Lenneth fangirl! ALmost all my fanfics are about them! But I have written a few Rufus Alicia themed things. Most famous is Sacrificial maiden which I need to someday finsih. So many fics so little time...

Anyway! Answer time! I don't know much of any Japanese except for a few words I picked up watching anime a long time ago. Also a penpal took some kind of class in college, and she gave me sheets for Katanake and uh Hiragana? I have a Japanese English dictionary!

I've never heard of the fanfics exitence and twelve. I should check them out sometime! XD
teksunai on June 22nd, 2011 02:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I figured it out! Again, I am only on livejournal for this community, so, hehe.... ^^;;;

xPPPPP Sweet! Should I get you a purple cloak and a feathered helmet one of these days for you? XDDDDD (That would be pretty sweet to find people cosplaying as them xPPPPPP). Oh yeah! I believe I may have checked that one out! *Puts on list of stories to review* One day I shall review all the stories I plan to do so.... O_> *Twitch* *Twitch*

xPPPPPPPP Nice! That's awesome! Who said anime didn't have benefits? You can learn a whole language by it! =D If I remember correctly, Jacky Chan learned English by watching a LOT of English movies and shows! X3 And sweet! I don't remember much Japanese anymore, but I used to take a class tew! X3 I can try to teach ya new stuff! XDDDD (And maybe some Korean on the side.... XDDDDDD).

YAY! That would be awesome! =D The author/ess took a more mature look at the characters, I'd say, and had an interesting way to end it. Hopefully he writes more because that would be awesome! ^0^
teksunai on June 23rd, 2011 01:04 pm (UTC)
How odd! I posted a reply to your comment, but it did not send.... xox
LotornoMiko: Chibi Cutenesscleoius on June 23rd, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
I think I got it. I mean LJ sent me an email with said reply...but LJ sometimes has problems....0_o