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02 December 2010 @ 10:09 pm
Doujin Summary Volume Three (worksafe)  
Crossposted as usual!

And now for Chapter 3. I really like this cover too! It starts off with a chibi Lezard, whose probably going, "Previously..." as we get a lot of text, and a few panel shots from books 1 and 2. The next age has Rufus dressed up as a God, holding Gungnir. He looks pretty good that way! Frei is in the corner holding up another outfit for him to try, and there is a male God who I think is short haired Loki sitting hunched over, freaking over this for some reason. 0_o

Chapter 3 opens with head shots of Lezard and Freya, and a full body shot of a wistful Alicia staring upwards. The story starts in Lezard's mansion, him welcoming Freya to his home. Surprisingly she does not try to attack him even one time. They talk for three pages. On the fourth they both get excited, having sensed a disturbance. We see another panel of the mystery figure from book 2. (The one who I swear is Dallas.)

Next we get to Alicia, going off somewhere with a basket again. Shots of Lenneth being held back, that she didn't want Alicia to go do this. Alicia is remembering a conversation she had with Rufus after he rescued her in book 2. She's smiling, probably thinking how handsome he is or whatever, when she sees him walk by in the distance. She goes to chase after him but when she turns the corner, there is no one in sight. She;s confused, when a cloaked figure comes up behind her and grabs her. It's Dallas! He talks to her for a page and a half, mentions Rufus and she goes into shock, dropping her basket.

She starts crying as she's having all these fractured memories of her past life with Rufus. Dallas seems pleased by this, then returns to her her sword, They talk a little more, before he leaves. Alicia goes running back, presumedly to the village. Dallas is really happy about this, and encounters Lezard who had spied on this exchange. Now they talk. Only to have Dallas teleport away. Lezard retrieves Alicia's basket, and seems bemused.

Alicia is still running through the forest, carrying the sword. Rufus is killing monsters by the dozens. Dallas uncloaked appears, and Rufus turns his bow on him. They talk, Dallas is PISSED off looking. Just then Alicia arrives. Dallas makes a move to throw a magic ball of energy at someone. Blood is splattered on the page....

We then check in on Lenneth, who is at home worrying over Lenneth. There is a black haired woman...and one with light wavy hair...I wonder if they are supposed to be Hrist and Silmeria reincarnated? Who knows...The one with black hair has too kind a face for Hrist...

Monsters are drawing near to the village, and Lezard looks up to see Ull with a bunch of faceless einherjar up in the sky. Faceless, but we can see by the clothes at lest three of them are ones Lenneth would have in the future. Mystina, Lwelyn, and Lawfer. 0_o

Back to the forest. Rufus is all bloody on his back. Dallas had purposefully attacked Alicia, knowing Rufus would jump in the way. Rufus collapses in Alicia;s arms, bloody mouth smiling cause he's relieved to have protected her. Dallas is pleased, and screaming stuff while Alicia breaks down in tears....to be continued....I really hope the doujinka continues!

The last page is free talk with a panel of Rufus making fun of a cloaked Dallas.
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LotornoMiko: RuAli Lovey Doveynesscleoius on January 23rd, 2011 03:06 pm (UTC)
*looks around embarrassed.* With shipping, they came out to just under one hundred dollars. X_X The shipping kills every timel I recently paid for the fourth book which continues this storyline right...and I was pleased with the price...until shipping was added. That was...I think $13.50! *flails*

I have these solely Lezard Lenneth books right...and it's my dream to get another copy of them so I could get those scanned. WHy scanned? Cause I want to pay one of the many translators online to translate the doujin for me! But I need another copy of the book (And more money to pay since it's at least a dollar fifty per page with the translators I checked out.)

Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the summary. Recently somoene on my personal journal who understands Japanese, said that it was actually two seperate men...the one who spoke with Alicia and the one who was attacking Rufus. (And that it wasnt Dallas who was attacking Rufus.) They still both look like Dallas to me! XD