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02 December 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Doujin Summary Volume Two (work Safe)  
Crossposted here and there. It's time for Volume two's summary. I wish I had a pic of the back cover. There's a nice shot of Lezard with purple magic arching up his arm. Freya is there also, wielding a green yellow orb of ether.

So when last we left off, Rufus had just saved Alicia from a monster! Alicia is staring in shock and awe at Rufus, when we go into a Rufus flashback. Of him gazing into the water mirror, and Freya catching him. They chit chat about some things, she conjures a document of some kind and gives it to him. Just then the water mirror shows a bunch of monsters. Rufus and Freya are both pretty calm about this...

They walk some more, than Freya leaves. After she's gone, the water mirror shows Rufus the monster about to attack Alicia. Naturally he rushed down there to save her! Back to the present. Monster's dead, Rufus has got his back to Alicia. She starts to talk to him, and he just suddenly freaks, scaring her in the process with his out burst. Lot of comical faces as they talk. Alicia somehow manages to calm him down too. They talk for several pages, and then we see hands on a crystal mirror, apparently watching them. We even see a head shot of someone's side profile...(I already know it's Dallas! XD Even though the hair was hiding his face in this panel.)

Now we're back in Coriander. Lezard gazing out a window, and sees Lenneth hurrying by. Naturally he runs out to talk to her. She's got her sword with her, and I swear she was rushing off to go find out why Alicia hasn't come back. Lezard's moment of face time with Lenneth gets interrupted by Alicia's return. Rufus has accompanied her to the village.

Rufus tries to leave while Alicia reassures Lenneth and Lezard she's all right. Alicia stops him from going. I'm not sure what Lezard says to him, but Rufus lunges for him and covers his mouth. This is all speculation on my part but I think this series is part of the reincarnation as children doujin I have. I think Lezard recognized Rufus from when he saw him as a child and Rufus tried to stop him from revealing that.

Rufus again goes to leave, and this time no one can stop him. Alicia is pretty sad, and runs off. Lenneth chases after her. Now we're in what I assume is Lezard's mansion, and Rufus is angry, pounding on a wall with his fist, and thinking of Alicia's sad face. Lezard enters (And may I say he looks snazzy in his village wear outfit.) Lezard and Rufus talk for several pages, and I can't help but wonder if Lezard reveals he remembers his past life, since Rufus gets shocked at one point. They talk for six or eight pages before Rufus gets mad and grabs Lezard by the collar of his shirt, slamming into a door. Yells at him while Lezard is all calm. But angry. They talk some more, then Rufus leaves.

After Rufus is gone, Freya of all people teleport into Lezard's room for the last two pages. oooooooooooh! To be Continued!

Then there;s two omake pages of Rufus Lezard in sketchy chibi form. No idea what could be going on here, except for Rufus starts out sulking, sitting in a corner. Two pages f writing, and then the final page is sketches of the monsters in the book.
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