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30 November 2010 @ 05:04 am
Doujinshi Summary Volume One (Worksafe)  
This doujin is the first of what is so far three volumes. I'm hoping a fourth one will be put out since it was a cliffhanger of an ending. It's predominately Rufus Alicia, but there is a side story of Lezard Lenneth running through these books. I'll be summarizing each one, but not all at once so as not to flood completely. Crossposted to my own journal, the RuAli comm, and the LezardLenneth comm.

This doujinshi is something like SEVENTY pages. X_X I got my money's worth here! XD The story starts out on Yggsdrasil. The very spot where Odin confronted Rufus and Alicia, and Lezard threw everything into disarray. Rufus is there with Freya, approaching the crystal center platform. I assuming he's here to become a God at long last. With Freya's approval no less, since she isn't trying to stop him. :o

He touches the crystal, and power flows through him. It knocks Freya back, while rufus clings to the crystal, determined to endure this. He suddenly sees an apparition of Alicia pass him by, It's like the crystal showed him that she was reincarnated. The vision ends, and the crystal is broken. Both Freya and Rufus is freaked over this. I have no idea if he became a God either...0_o

Then we get the chapter illustration of Rufus, Alicia, Lezard and Lenneth. All head shots. Says it chapter one of story after ending, Alicia side. We get a page giving bios of the characters, and then bam! We're into the Lezard Lenneth bit. Hooray!

Lezard is sleeping, and having dreams. Seeing himself looking all maniacal crazed, and Lenneth in her Valkyrie armor. He finally sees her face, and that's when he wakes up, startled awake. He's panting and disturbed, and I guess not sure what the dream meant. The next pages it's a new day, and he finds a wooden practice dummy made to look like him. He's angry at the sight of it, it nearly hits him and Lenneth comes running up to retrieve it. She has a sword by her side, and she's been using it for target practice to hone her skills. Lezard is not amused. Alicia is in the background with some other woman, also learning.

I really wish I knew what they were saying to each other. *wistful sigh* Lenneth gets real close, and then grabs Lezard by the collar and pulls him down. It looks like she did anyway, but Lezard sees her eyes and must realize she looks just like the Valkyrie in his dreams. He turns into Mr. Smooth, and grabs her hand, noting all the cut marks from sword practice. To her flustered upset, he starts kissing her hand, than winds his neckerchief around it. She abruptly pulls back, and goes to walk away. But she's still talking to him, and even gives him a smile over her shoulder.

He's stunned by the smile, and the next thing you know, she's drawn her sword on him!! *flails* He's nervous, but then she calms down. Now she goes to leave for real, when he notices the head cut off the dummy, and picks it up. She panics over this, and the next scene he's in his house at night. I swear he must have gotten his memoires back, cause he looks pretty ominous here...thinking about Lenneth. There was even a God in the room with him, though the figure was in shadows, so you couldn't see who and I don't recognizee the outfit. But Lezard appears to talk to this God, and the interlude ends.

Next we see Rufus, and it's Alicia turn to be having dreams. She's seeing all kinds of scenes of her and Rufus, and then the final good-bye as the combined Valkyrie. She wakes up rather startled too. Nor does she understand why she wants to cry as she remember Rufus' pain scream as she fades away. Meanwhile we see Rufus watching her sit in bed crying via the water mirror.

Interludes over with, a new day. Alicia comes down to greet Lenneth, and is carrying a basket. They talk for a bit, then Alicia goes off to the woods with the basket. She's starring up at the sky, probably thinking about her dreams, when she hears someone approaching. She turns and it's a monster! It goes to strike her down, and before she can get touch, RUFUS kills it! Yay! She's like in awe of him while we see who I think might be Dallas watching Rufus in a crystal ball, very angry.

It's to be continued, with some gag drawings of Rufus and Lezard. And then we get one more bit of the story. Alicia and Lenneth cooking and doing dishes, while Rufus watches in the water mirror. And then Freya catches him and is not pleased by his spying. She tries to lecture him, he covers his ears, she ends up exploding in anger. We then see Frei and Ull (I think Ull..) chatting for a few pages. They heard the screams from Valhalla. XD The explosions and screams continue all throughout their convo, and we see Lenneth and Alicia trapped in the rain while a beat up and on crutches Rufus is watching them. Freya is pissed that even with all her violence, she still can't get Rufus to not spy on Alicia.

Finally we get a preview of chapter 2, for three pages of panels. ALl in all, I adored this doujinshi. It was a good one, and it's got me all inspired and wanting to really work on my reincarnation idea! But so many ideas, so little of me....
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