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13 May 2010 @ 08:23 pm
A Meeting of Souls~ Fan Fiction  

Title: A Meeting of Souls

Pairing: Alicia x Rufus

February 27
Lyrics: And I lie awake and miss you
Artist: Owl City
Song: Vanilla Twilight

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,139

Notes: Spoilers for the Ending of Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria. *Originally written for dailylyric~ I hope you enjoy! 

Dis: I don't own. Belongs to Square Enix and Tri-Ace



He didn’t know that the hug they shared after she brought him back was the last one they would share.  She was so small and fragile but yet she was fighting against fate. The gods.  When she accepted the fact that she would probably die from combining her soul with those of the three valkyrie sisters to defeat Lezard, he didn’t know what to do.  He hoped Brahms was wrong and that there was another way.

But Brahms was right.

 And as the woman who was the combination of the four fiercest women in all of Migard and Asgard was beginning to disappear right in front of his eyes after the defeat of Lezard, he realized something.  He didn’t want her to go and didn’t want to think that he didn’t care about her.  He wanted her to smile and say goofy things.  He wanted her to stay and see him become a god like she wanted to.  He wanted….


The blonde haired woman tilted her head at him and her eyes flashed to a bright blue as her body was fading away.  He took a staggering step forward toward as he saw the change but held back his urge to rush forward.  The blonde seemed startled for a moment before smiling at him.

It was her smile, not the smile of the four of them combined.

He took another small step forward and gasped as she raised her left hand and kissed the ring on fourth finger.  He rushed forward as she finished the movement and as he hugged her, she faded completely away, leaving only a couple feathers and the ring.

His ring.  The one he had given her at the gates of Bifrost to stop the ghoul powder from altering her mind.  The one that had become her good luck charm. 

He inwardly cursed at that last thought, but pushed it away as he placed on his left hand on his fourth finger.  He inwardly hoped that the four souls that had been combined would be reborn and maybe Alicia’s good luck charm gave them enough of a chance.

He hoped.



Many years later…


He had found her soul.  It resided in the most peaceful place in Migard and she was raised the way she should have those many years ago.  She was loved by both her parents and didn’t have to worry about the dealings of the gods. 

He wanted to appear to her restore her memories of her past life.  To restore the memories of him.

When she turned marriageable age, he wondered if he would go mad. 

Many men would want to marry her.  Who wouldn’t?  Would she fall in love with one of them? Would she…

“Lord Rufus… What are you doing?”  The young god looked over at blonde valkyrie Silmeria.  She joined him at looking at the image in the pool. “Ah.”  She commented when she saw the young blonde woman beaming at those around her at her party.  She gave him a side glace. 

“What? Don’t look at me like that!”


“What?!”  Rufus asked astounded at the blonde as she smirked at him.

“Go see her!  She will remember you!”  Silmeria pointed to the image in the pool.

“Pssh…” Rufus made the sound and looked away.  Silmeria’s eyes narrowed.

“She loved you, you know.  Why do you think she wore the ring like she did?  And you know that she looked directly for you when you kissed that ring after you found her.”  Rufus looked away remembering finding the five year old Alicia.  He had been so happy that he had kissed the ring like she had.

Silmeria shook her head.  “I, Silmeria Valkyrie, demand that you, Rufus, grow a pair and go!  You are a god for Asgard sake!  You are allowed to go take your woman away!” 

Rufus raised a green eyebrow at his valkyrie’s outburst/ command.  “You know that’s not how I run things.” 

“I know!  But I knew Alicia’s feelings!  Those feels just don’t go away!  The bond that our group shared won’t disappear! It connects us all!  Now just go!”

Rufus made a side glance at the image of Alicia in the pool.  She was laughing something her family had said.  Silmeria rolled her eyes and pushed Rufus towards the image. 

“Go!  You silly headed half elf!”

And shoved the young god into the transfer pool.


He was going to perform the Sovereigns Rite on Silmeria once he got back to Valhalla.

That meddling valkyrie!  He cursed her as he righted himself outside the village’s entrance.  He sighed as he began to walk into the village.  He might as well see the festivities since he was already here.

The young god walked to the tavern that he knew that the party was at.  As he walked into the door, laughing and chatter assailed his ears.  He tugged the hood of his cloak higher over his head to hide his face as he approached the bar.

The man keeping the bar smiled as he approached and asked what he would like and Rufus responded that he would like some wine.  The man nodded and served Rufus his wine while the young good looked over at the party.  The bar keep noticed his gaze and smiled.

“It’s a local gals birthday today.  I’m sure no one would mind if you joined.  We actually like visitors.  They had spice to the place.”  Rufus nodded mutely at the man before he turned away.

Rufus sipped his wine as the object of his affection laughed and blushed at turns at her family and friends as they presented her with presents.  She objected at the gifts and Rufus inwardly smirked at her reaction.  Same old Alicia.  Never wants to be indebted to someone.  As he watched her open her gifts, he idly played with his ring, twisting it around his finger. 

The young woman stopped and glanced around before setting her eyes one him.  Rufus stopped mid-spin as the young woman peered at him questionably.  She tilted her head and Rufus gulped silently.

She pursed her lips and shook her head as she resumed what she had stopped and Rufus sighed.

That was close…


Who is that man?! Alicia asked herself as she unwrapped Sylphide’s gift.  She had felt her heart jump and felt her body urge her towards something as something had called it.  She had looked around and had felt the strongest pull from the traveler at the bar.  It was like he had called out to her.

She wondered if she could talk to him somehow.  To see if it had been a fluke and her body was just acting weird for some reason. 

But then it clicked.  That traveler was the man that had helped her up all those years ago! 

Alicia did a quick glance over at the man who had resumed sipping his drink and was in quiet conversation with the bar keep Gulim.  Same brown cloak and travel worn boots, just like all those years ago.  Back then she had felt the same thing but had put it off as embarrassment, but now…

Did I know him in another life?! Alicia startled at that.  She believed in reincarnation as everyone did, but rarely did some actually find their soul mates reincarnation… Alicia shook her head at the girlish thoughts.  She would simply talk to him as soon as she finished with her gifts and nothing would come of it.

Nothing at all


Silmeria felt like letting out a yell of victory. 

Alicia had felt it!  She had felt the bond when Rufus had twirled the ring around his finger.  Their bond was buried within that ring.  The youngest valkyrie was giddy beyond all belief as she watched the emotions run through Alicia’s eyes and had seen Rufus react when she looked his way.  In no time she would be reunited with her old friend and-

“Silmeria Valkyrie.  What are you doing looking into the pool?”  Silmeria twirled around to see Freya looking at her questionably. 

“I-I was keeping tabs on Lord Rufus, my Lady.”  Silmeria bowed her head.  Freya drifted over to the pool and took in the sight of the scene in front of her.

“He found her.”


“Hn.” Freya shook her head and went back to the entrance.  “Make sure he doesn’t do anything too rash.”

“Yes my lady!”  Silmeria responded, surprised.  Freya tilted her head towards the pool.

“Does it give you hope Lady Valkyrie?”  Freya questioned mysteriously and Silmeria knew the meaning.

“Yes.  I look everyday.  You should too.”  The Goddess looked rather startled for the moment before nodding. 

“I guess I shall…”  She murmured as she drifted out of the door way, leaving Silmeria to the events in the pool.


He didn’t dare to touch the ring again after she had looked straight at him, fearing it would cause some disaster.  But she continued on as nothing out of the ordinary had happened and the party had come to an end.  He helped the bar keep clean up, feeling the need to be active after sitting such a long time. 

As he made a sign of goodbye to Gulim, the bar keep, he walked out into the road.  Looking up at the stars, Rufus didn’t notice the person in front of him and the two collided.  He quickly held the other upright as they had began to fall.

“Oh! Thank you so much! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into you!”

Rufus stared at Alicia as she looked down blushing at her mistake.

“It’s no big deal.”  He responded gruffly.  “You were the girl who was celebrating her birthday in the tavern right?”  She nodded as she brought her head up.  “Well… Happy Birthday.”

She smiled and giggled quietly at the man.  “Thank you.  But I wanted to ask you something… Have you ever been here before?  You look awfully familiar…”

Rufus nodded. “I have.  Many times.”  He smiled cheekily at the young woman. 

“Ah ha! I knew it was you!  You are the man who helped me up all those years ago!”  The pale blonde exclaimed as Rufus’s eyes enlarged.  He coughed as he smiled nervously. 

“Um… really?”  Excellent choice of words you nit. He thought to himself as he scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah!  I recognized you in the tavern!”  Alicia was practically beaming along with the complete feeling she was experiencing while she had been standing next to him.  She was extremely happy around this man and couldn’t quit smiling.

“Well I guess I should introduce myself then.  I’m Rufus.”  He held out his hand as Alicia grabbed it and shook it as she smiled.

“I’m Alicia.”

The two stood for a moment looking at each other smiling, keeping their hands together still.  When Rufus noticed this he calmly removed his hand and saw the flit of disappointment go across her face.

“Well… I don’t want to feel guilty that I didn’t get you anything for your birthday so…”  Rufus slid his ring off and placed it in her palm.  “Here you go.”

Alicia looked astonished at the ring with a large red stone placed in it in her hand up to the man in front of her.  “I-I can’t take this!  I barely even know you!”  Rufus smirked. 

“We know each other well enough.  Plus… It’s a good luck charm.”

Alicia stood very still at those words.  “A good luck charm?”  She asked quietly.

“Yeah.  Hopefully we will see each other the next time I come through.”  Rufus smiled wistfully.

“I would like that.”  Alicia responded slipping the finger on her left hand on the fourth finger.  It feels like it belongs there…

“I will try to see you the next time I come through then.”  He tugged his hood further over his head as he turned to head out of town.

“Promise?”  The young woman asked at the retreating back.

“Yeah. I promise.”  The young god responded.

“Okay. I’ll hold you to it!”  Alicia exclaimed as she waved at the young man leaving.  She turned around and smiled to herself as she looked at the ring on her hand and impulsively kissed it.  She enjoyed the calmness she felt after doing that and began the short walk home. 

In the next moment, Alicia was twirled about and felt herself being kissed.  She gasped in surprised before responding to the urgent pressure on her lips.  The kisser pulled away and Alicia looked into the green eyes of the young man who just walked away.

“I really do promise.” He solemnly stated before quickly raising her hand and kissing the ring on her hand before disappearing into the night.  


Both souls rejoiced at finding the other and waited impatiently until they would meet again...



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