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14 September 2017 @ 04:16 am
It’s new Doujinshi time! I have been steadily and devotedly collecting this series for years, but since the last four books or so, haven't had Rufus and Alicia in it, I have posted about them here in the RuAli community. But now in volume 10, Rufus Alicia is back! So here I go posting away! For those that want to catch up, feel free to visit the doujinshi summary section of my word press site for Valkyrie Profile, called Asgardian Plasures. Onwards we go!

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OMG! This book had cameos of so many characters. It was so cool!

Been a while since I had to do a summary of a doujin. This is volume 10 of that series I follow. It moved away from focusing heavily on the Lezard Lenneth reincarnation drama, but surprisngly wasn’t an all RuAli book either.

I’m really rusty at writing these...and please be advised thsat right now this is all guess work. I have been working on translating my doujins, but that project just started this weekend, and my translation atempts are more just a gist of what is going on then a 100 percent perfect translation. Maybe I’ll write up what the translation end up saying of the story. Will be fun to compare what is actually going on to what I had thought was going on. (still wants to write a fanfic based on what I had thought was going on)

So let’s see, it opens up with what appears to be a flashback of Rufus visiting the ruins of Dipan. He does a lot of talking to himself..and apparently unbeknownest to him, someone was watching. Someone I swear is DALLAS. (I still think that Is Dallas in earlier volumes despite what some random anon stated on my journal.)

Present day, Lenneth restored to her Godhood, as making quick work of some of the monsters trying to reach and overun Coriander village. The einherjar Mystina, Lawfer, and Lwellyn are by her side, also battling. Lezard is also there, weilding power magic, calling down metoer swarms which seems to make the einherjar nervous. XD

Even Lenneth seems worried, since the meteors are very large and hitting so close to her allies. Meanwhile we see the reincarnated human Hrist, with a spear being attacked by mosnters. She easily dispatches one, and gives off the air of looking forward to taking out the others. Now it gets a little confusing, in that I couldn’t tell if Arngrim and FREYA were watching Hrist from high above, or if they were checking out Lezard’s Meteor Storm in action….

Meanwhile the human reincarnation of Silmeria, armed with bow and arrows, is on the run from the monsters, occasionally pausing long enough to fire off a killing shot with her weapon. She seems exhausted and desperate, and as she dispatches the mosnters, she hears someone approach from a nearby cliff. The comic pans up, and we see the shadowy form of BRAHMS watching over her!

Meanwhile Rufus and Alicia are dealing with the downed and deranged Dallas. Something seems to come over Alicia, she has a serious expression, almost menacing as she talks to the down Dallas. Before she can get answers, arrows ran down and Dallas is destroyed by ULL of all people! Rufus and Alicia are shocked (I don’t remember if I ever got the idea of Alicia regaining her memories in earlier volumes.) and Ull has this really menancing, downright evil smirk on his face. The comic cliffhangs on his arrival. Volume 11 can’t come soon enough!

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